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"I would be less selfish with my time—putting convenience aside and solely concentrating on what is best for my children and what they need to be happy."

- Melissa Wicinski

"Get outside of yourself and think of others—give a hug; complement a co-worker on a good job, a nice haircut or a great smile; sponsor a friend who is running a race for a cause; visit an elderly neighbor who is alone; or just say thank you!"

- Barb Brown

"Rethink that purchase—that “need”—and focus on whether it is necessary. Often there is something I already have that can be reused, repurposed and given new life instead. So often we buy new when there are other options."

- Jennifer Klie

"Teach someone something about being healthy, lean and green! If you learn the ‘why’ behind opting for a healthier lifestyle, you’re more likely to live it! Also, take care of a plant because it connects you to nature and makes you appreciate the dedication and beauty that we are often so far removed from."

- Katie Kaminski

“If I only had 15 minutes to better our world, the people in my life or my prosperity, I would spend it trying to help someone else – whether it was someone I knew or didn’t know. I really enjoy helping people and I would rather spend my 15 minutes helping someone else than myself.”

- Marissa Beechuk

“For the people around me, I want to communicate the importance of sustainability to all my younger cousins so that they grow up, not with a mindset of “only 15 minutes” but one of “at least 15 minutes.” I want to reinforce this as a principle to live by and continually expand upon.”

- John Barrett

“I would reach out via email to a minimum of 225 other people (15 X 15) and ask them to join me in donating 15 items (food or clothing) each to a local shelter in their areas. I also would ask them to reach out to 15 more people and request the same things. The multiplying effect would hopefully touch the lives of thousands of people in need.”

- Margie Flynn

“I will spend my 15 minutes persuading people to think more carefully about their choices and to listen more carefully to their loved ones. 15 minutes doesn’t seem like a lot of time, but it is plenty of time to make an impact and there is no such thing as a small impact. Turn the TV off and invest in someone.”

- Shawn Feils

“I would educate someone about the value of recycling--reduce, reuse, recycle. I think people would feel good about taking care of the environment. For instance, by recycling a 3 foot high stack of newspapers, a 32 foot tree is saved.”

- Anita Zak

"Each day, I try to spend five minutes reflecting on the broader goals I want to achieve that week, month or year. From trying to live a healthier lifestyle to striving to reduce the environmental impact of my travel, I identify something I can do in a few minutes to advance my personal objectives. I think being deliberate and thoughtful about what each one of us can do to improve our own personal sustainability can make a tremendous difference."

- Hallie Rich