Creating the Portrait

Reporting Process

Our experience in pulling together our first report benefited the development of our 2nd annual sustainability report. While we had better data collection and metrics, we are in a “continuous improvement” mode and are confident we can keep enhancing our overall sustainability strategy and communication process. The GRI process and guidelines provided us with a strong framework to follow and with the same management benefits that we identify for our clients. This year’s reporting process includes the following:

This report describes the progress our sustainability teams—Community Engagement, Employee Orientation & Engagement, Employee Health & Wellness, Environmental Stewardship and Business Innovation—made on the goals declared in our last report.  As we achieved goals, we consolidated or retired teams and assimilated what were once aspirational goals into BrownFlynn’s everyday culture.  As we identified our 2010/2011 goals we achieved clarity and balance by aligning them more explicitly to the triple bottom line concepts of people, planet and prosperity. This report also demonstrates our annual commitment to transparent reporting on our sustainability performance.