UNGC Principles and GRI Context Index

UNGC Principles

BrownFlynn is a member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), indicating our commitment to uphold 10 universal principles in the areas of:

The Global Compact expects members to "embrace, support and enact, within their sphere of influence" these principles as core values. BrownFlynn ensures the principles are maintained in our own operations to the extent that they are relevant (for example, we've never had an issue with human rights abuses, child labor, forced or compulsory labor, corruption, etc.). Based on the areas of opportunity we identified last year, we created formal policies and procedures for improving our environmental impacts. We support the UNGC principles through our client engagements, promoting them as necessary elements of corporate responsibility in general, whether or not our clients are UNGC signatories. As members of the UNGC, we are required to produce an annual Communication on Progress (COP) describing our efforts to advance the 10 principles.

GRI Context Index

Our GRI Content Index provides a description of the all GRI Indicators and Profile Disclosures and their location within this report if applicable. Click here for a complete version of BrownFlynn’s GRI Context Index.

GRI offers a service for organizations to have self-declared Application Levels confirmed. GRI concluded that our report fulfilled the requirements for Application
Level A.

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