Sustainability Strategy

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Business Innovation

BrownFlynn's economic performance is a fundamental aspect of our sustainability. Without the financial resources necessary to continue operations, we would be limited in our ability to benefit internal and external stakeholders, our communities or our environment. Because we are a private company, we choose not to disclose specific financial information in this report, but instead focus on business innovations and growth that play a central role in our prosperity.

As such, our Business Innovation Team chose last year to create the following two goals which would establish some additional discipline around innovation:

  1. 1. Develop a process for generating, tracking and vetting new business ideas.
  2. 2. Begin implementing a minimum of one idea by the end of December 2009.

Both goals were met during the reporting year. BrownFlynn developed a concrete system of generating, tracking and vetting new business ideas. Ideas generated and captured in staff meetings, innovation sessions and as a result of other client work. Then, the ideas are vetted by the Business Innovation Team and appropriately addressed by the Firm's principals. This system allows each idea to be heard and gives each an equal chance of being incorporated into BrownFlynn's business.

Our second goal was to begin implementing one innovation by the end of 2009. The fulfillment of this goal is the creation of the BrownFlynn Prioritization Framework ™. The Prioritization Framework brings a disciplined analysis to the many sustainability rankings, identifying which are the most credible and material to a client and then creating a tailored strategy to improve on the areas of opportunity and leverage the areas of strength which drive the ranking. While rankings are not the driving motivation behind business decisions, rankings can be powerful sources of information shaping the perception of a business. By managing the performance behind the most important rankings, companies can take control of the conversation and manage their reputation.

Ongoing, our success as consultants depends upon our ability to serve the unique needs of each of our clients. We call it "meeting our clients where they are" on their sustainability journey. We are facilitative consultants. Rather than presenting our clients with a "one size fits all" approach, we adapt our approach to the client's culture, industry, communications style and organizational structure. Our role is to guide our clients in a way that capitalizes on their existing strengths and potential opportunities. As a result, our clients have full buy-in and ownership of their sustainability strategies going forward. More often than not, this approach unveils new innovations resulting in revenue and cost saving opportunities.

We see innovation as such an important driver in our success that we have retained it as a goal for the 2010/2011 report. We understand that our continued focus on innovation will, in turn, contribute to our client's ability to innovate.