Sustainability Strategy

If everyone in the United States turned off one light for an extra 15 minutes, we would save almost 3 million kWh of electricity.7

Community Engagement

Giving back and reaching out to our community have been at the core of BrownFlynn's business since our founding in 1996. Our team members fulfill our vision of "doing well by doing good" by donating personal and professional time to initiatives that they, and we, care about. We provide financial support to select organizations in our community and also contribute in-kind services to help non-profits achieve their goals.

Last year, our Community Engagement Team identified that the Company had a greater opportunity to track and report its philanthropic efforts, volunteer hours or pro bono time. The team set the following two goals:

  1. 1. Develop a formal BrownFlynn community investment policy that includes guidelines for employee volunteering, pro bono work and philanthropic/charitable giving.
  2. 2. Begin planning a strategic community outreach initiative for BrownFlynn's 15th anniversary in 2011.

Both goals were met during the reporting year. BrownFlynn’s community investment policy is communicated to all employees and is an important discussion point in the overall on-boarding and orientation process. The policy has also been included in employee performance dashboard goals. The policy is:

Each employee at BrownFlynn receives 40 hours of PTO for volunteer efforts or pro bono work. To participate, employees request (in writing) the time off and track and report on the approved activities. A formal tool was created in our time management system to make monitoring easier and consistent. In addition, the following parameters apply:

The Community Investment Policy also states that BrownFlynn will donate 1% of our annual net income to the community through philanthropic support, charitable giving, volunteerism or pro bono activities—70% of those financial contributions will support the 3Ps, and 30% will be used at the discretion of the Principals.

In the 2009/2010 reporting year, BrownFlynn did begin planning for its 2011, 15th anniversary community outreach program. Historically, BrownFlynn celebrates anniversaries every five years by “walking the talk” and giving back in some way to the community. For 2011, our 15th anniversary, BrownFlynn will focus on sustainability education. An internal committee was established and began concept and timeline development in the last reporting year. Click here to learn about BrownFlynn’s 5th and 10th anniversary contributions.

The following represents highlights of our community engagement efforts in 2009 and 2010: