Sustainability Strategy

524 bicycles and 68,000 pairs of shoes are sold every 15 minutes.9

Employee Health and Wellness

BrownFlynn strives to create an environment that promotes healthy employee lifestyles. Our employee healthcare plan includes specific programs and information on preventative care, wellness maintenance and chronic disease management. In addition, we have exercise equipment available on-site and encourage the use of paid time off for rest and rejuvenation. With the creation of our Health and Wellness Team, we aimed to enhance BrownFlynn's efforts to assist our team members to thrive personally and professionally. Our Employee Health and Wellness Team set two goals in the 2009/2010 reporting year:

  1. 1. Develop and implement a healthy, local and organic snack purchasing initiative.
  2. 2. Develop and begin to implement an employee health and wellness awareness program.

BrownFlynn made significant progress on both goals during the reporting year. While developing a new snack purchasing initiative, we first examined our Firm’s break room. Ours, like many company break rooms, was stocked with coffee, candy and soda. While coffee made the cut, we have replaced soda with juice and tea options and candy with fresh fruit, nuts, granola bars and other healthier choices. Many of the fruit options are organic and bought from local farmers. 

Given our size, we do not have a full-service cafeteria, yet we did see an opportunity to make certain purchases in bulk. The “wholesale” bulk retailers carry few organic options and almost no local goods, except those regional or national brands which are coincidentally located nearby. However, buying in bulk during a single trip minimizes the time and expense of shopping at multiple store and, in many cases, minimizes the packaging associated with the product and saves the Firm money.  

We also made significant progress on our second goal. First, we elected to extend elements of our health benefits including short- and long-term disability. BrownFlynn’s healthcare insurance provider provides a monthly health tip email that is shared with the entire staff. Internally, we began sharing articles, recipes and other health tips more regularly.  Many of us also take advantage of the shower amenities available at our office to enable a midday run or bicycle ride.