Sustainability Strategy

Every 15 minutes, 44,800 people ride the New York subway.8

Employee Orientation and Engagement

Employee engagement is fundamental to our success. As we grow, we have the opportunity to welcome talented new individuals to the Firm and ensure that our existing team members have the proper tools to do their job and feel connected to the business. It is essential to keep our orientation and employee engagement programs current and compelling to ensure employee commitment and efficiency.  

In 2009 and 2010, the Employee Orientation and Engagement Team focused exclusively on employee orientation and the ways in which we introduce new employees to BrownFlynn, our culture and our practices. The team set two goals:

  1. 1. Develop electronic orientation communications.
  2. 2. Audit and update the Book of Answers, our online employee reference manual.

Both goals were met during the reporting year. The mission of the Employee Orientation and Engagement Team was to improve the on-boarding process and the esprit de corps at BrownFlynn. The first critical goal that came out of this mission was to develop a professional online orientation program that would facilitate the acclimation of new associates and manage the many logistical considerations that are a part of on-boarding. During the implementation of this goal, the team saw an opportunity to make improvements, but also an opportunity to leave some things as they are. At BrownFlynn, we are proud of our flexible culture which allows us to quickly meet the needs of our clients. The orientation process was developed with this in mind and it allows new associates to be quickly immersed in the culture and activities of BrownFlynn.

The second goal was to audit and update the Book of Answers – our internal resource library. While this is a very tactical goal, the opportunity it creates is strategic. By making the Book of Answers a more accessible and user-friendly resource, we were able to share information more easily, bring on new associates more quickly and operate with more consistency between associates.

In addition to meeting our goals, BrownFlynn has implemented many initiatives throughout its 15-year history to support employee engagement. Embracing laughter and levity is one component of our corporate culture that strengthens internal relationships and, in turn, our performance as an organization. At BrownFlynn, we promote fun and team-building through a number of different activities including weekly team meetings, milestone celebrations, out-of-office gatherings and an open-door communications policy.

In addition, to ensure employees feel comfortable in the rapidly evolving field of sustainability and corporate responsibility, our leaders set aside professional development funds for education and training opportunities, including conferences, webinars, and other external training and education opportunities.

Furthermore, team members are competitively compensated for their hard work and dedication.  The Principals and Director of Operations conduct individual, semi-annual employee performance reviews to check performance against dashboards.  At the end of each calendar year, BrownFlynn reviews, and, if warranted, adjusts compensation based upon performance and cost of living. We also offer our employees a competitive benefits package, including healthcare, retirement plans, life insurance, profit sharing and paid time off for vacation and holidays. In this reporting year, BrownFlynn also added both short- and long-term disability for all full-time employees.