Sustainability Strategy

Throughout our history, BrownFlynn has engaged in a variety of activities for the benefit of people, planet and prosperity. Since last year’s sustainability report was published, the Firm established systems for tracking and improving our sustainability performance.

In our last report, we highlighted the formation of five sustainability teams that integrated all three components of the triple bottom line—people, planet and prosperity. Those teams were titled:

Each team was responsible for designing realistic, measureable goals in their focus area and developing and implementing the infrastructure, practices and metrics to measure and achieve those goals. Each team created two goals for the 2009/2010 reporting year. This report highlights the team’s efforts to deliver on each goal.  

At the conclusion of our reporting year, June 30, 2010, BrownFlynn significantly evolved its sustainability strategy in two specific ways. First, the teams have been organically phased out and incorporated into everyday work activities for the entire BrownFlynn staff.  It was difficult for a small staff to keep every team member involved and the staff up-to-date. Instead of dividing into teams to create goals, our strategy for 2010/2011 hinges on coming together as one team to identify and meet our goals. The second evolution is the direct focus on the triple bottom line categories—People, Planet and Prosperity. For a full list of our 2010/2011 goals, please visit “The Gallery” section of this report.